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Digital Media Route (DMR) is a bilingual digital marketing agency created to support businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers in the new era of social media. At a time when a robust strategy, creative content, and innovation are essential to stand out among competing brands, we stand by your side. Our mission is to deliver top-notch services to elevate your brand and steer you toward success. Allow us to take your business to the next level

Our Mission

As the preeminent bilingual digital media agency, DMR is dedicated to elevating our client’s social media presence by crafting professional and creative content. Let us take you on a digital journey that sets your brand apart!


DMR’s story is one of passion, perseverance, and a commitment to making an impact. It all began with the vision of founder Johanna Andrade, who envisioned helping busy entrepreneurs, businesses, and influencers to promote their products, services, and brand on social media by not only creating professional content but also integrating the digital marketing tools along with research and innovation. We set out on a journey to create something meaningful and impactful. 


Johanna Andrade

CEO & Founder

As our visionary founder and CEO, Johanna Andrade brings a rich academic and professional, background. She received her Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication from Universidad Central in her native Colombia, and a Master’s of Science in Digital Arts from the International Technological University in Santa Clara, CA. Johanna’s resume includes roles at Apple, Bushnell University, Google, and KTVU Fox News, and she collaborated with the Emmys Northern California. Bringing over a decade of expertise to our dynamic Bay Area-based agency, Johanna is inspired by the exciting nexus of technology and digital media. Digital Media Route, under Johanna’s leadership, addresses the needs of small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs, offering expertise in effective design and communication across a diverse set of social media platforms. Johanna’s vision emphasizes the importance of quality content in attracting audiences online.

Sina Aboutalebi

Head of Operations

As our diligent Head of Operations, Sina Aboutalebi is the glue that keeps our creative machine and business together while keeping our clients happy. His organized nature, adaptability, and can-do attitude is a valuable asset to Digital Media Route.



Behind every admirable success story is a furry mascot! Introducing our lovable team mascot, Phoebe. She is our Bernedoodle and is often seen taking the spotlight in some of our ad campaigns with her undeniable cuteness. Away from the camera, Phoebe excels at giving the whole team love and cuddles while only asking for treats and bones as payment.



Our Client

We focus on understanding and meeting the unique needs of each client



Our process includes dedicating time towards understanding what makes our clients’ stories unique helping to craft compelling and impactful content. 



Staying ahead of trends and adopting cutting-edge strategies is essential in today’s dynamic business environment. Our commitment to innovation ensures your business remains relevant and competitive.



Open communication and transparency in processes, pricing, and results are the bedrock of our approach helping to build trust with our clients towards a fruitful working relationship.


Diversity and Inclusion

Our agency thrives on a vibrant blend of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. It goes beyond just creating a cool internal vibe; it’s about crafting digital excellence that speaks to everyone.


Continuous Learning

We never stop having fun learning. We’re all about keeping it fresh and staying ahead of the curve. Our team dives into trends, hits up conferences, and rocks ongoing education. Why? Because being in the know means we’re cooking up the hottest, slickest digital solutions for you.

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